Sierra Leone’s Political Illiteracy Kills.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…

Political illiteracy kills. In the West African state of Sierra Leone, political illiteracy has killed many people and sentenced millions of citizens to a life of horrendous poverty. Unfortunately, some Sierra Leoneans do not even know that they carry a “virus” that could lead to full-blown, political illiteracy. David Tom-Baryoh’s illegal detention and the arguments proffered by Ernest Koroma’s supporters, point to the depths of political illiteracy by which Sierra Leone has been hamstrung. Some people have argued that Tom Baryoh’s past as an opportunist and defender of a rotten government, are enough “crimes” to justify his illegal detention. I have never met David Tom- Baryoh. I do not know that brother. However, I do not need to LIKE Baryoh, in order to defend his human rights. As Sierra Leoneans and citizens of a fake democracy, we are supposed to defend the human rights Tom Baryoh represents. Do you know why human freedoms are referred to as “inalienable rights?” Human rights are considered “inalienable” because EVERY human being, intrinsically {naturally} possesses them. Any attempt to take away those inalienable rights, must be sanctioned by the rule of law.

If we keep quiet and let David die in jail, because we HATE his opportunism, we should similarly remain silent when the same government unlawfully arrests a citizen we love. A state of emergency is an undemocratic proclamation. Arrests made during a state of emergency are arbitrary and, therefore, unconstitutional. If your president can whimsically order the arrest and detention of a citizen without charging that detainee with a crime, you should be worried, very worried. If that can happen in your country, then you are living in a “Banana republic.” A Banana republic is a chaotic and uncivilized society, where the president is ABOVE the law. Heaven knows, I do NOT want to live in a Banana republic. David Tam-Baryoh’s unlawful detention, in Ernest Koroma’s Banana republic, should be condemned by Sierra Leoneans, including those who do NOT even like the detained man. Each time a Banana republic unlawfully throws a citizen in jail, human rights lose, while oppression wins. That is why ALL of US should demand the reinstatement of Baryoh’s liberty. I do not know Tam David Baryoh. However, I know, with certainty, that I love human liberty and its defender, the rule of law. Why would any politically educated Sierra Leonean, defend the illegal actions of the president of a Banana republic?

This Is Shameful

This is Shameful. An official statement released by the Government of Sierra Leone, and signed by the Attorney-General, was so poorly-written that Ernest Koroma should be ashamed of his penchant for hiring friends, rather than competent citizens. The statement, which is posted below, contains poor punctuation, inappropriate use of phrases and, even more embarrassing, the use of “hatredness.” “Hatredness” is NOT a formal, English word. “Hatefulness” is probably the word which the government wanted to use, in its statement. You might say, “What’s the big deal?” Every official statement, especially one coming from government and signed by a high-ranking man like the Attorney-General, MUST be perfectly written. Heaven knows, there are many, many competent Sierra Leoneans in Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, Ernest Koroma does not employ people based on meritocracy. He gives jobs to shockingly incompetent people, subsequently spelling the disaster that now haunts our country. An official statement, especially one signed by a high-ranking official, like the Attorney-General, MUST be flawlessly written. Not in Sierra Leone! Diplomatic missions {embassies} in Sierra Leone must be secretly laughing over this national embarrassment.

The rule remains stringent: an official document must be well-written, free of grammatical mistakes. Signed by the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, that document was supposed to be grammatically perfect. However, this is Sierra Leone! I am literally shaking my head.

See the poorly-written official document:- PRESS RELEASE ON THE ARREST AND DETENTION OF DR. DAVID TAM BARYOH.