Sierra Leone’s Smelly Scandal.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…

The construction of roads, highways, hospitals, bridges and architectural developments, are not the only aspects of civilization. The maintenance of LAW and ORDER–that is–the ability of a society to organize and lawfully govern itself, is one of the most IMPORTANT elements of civilization. A lawless society is NOT a civilized one. Civilized societies are ruled by law. They are not ruled by the whims of men. The unfolding scandal in Sierra Leone, where a presidential adviser was caught red-handed, forging signatures and illegally using government-issued letterheads to facilitate the dumping of hazardous waste in Sierra Leone FROM Lebanon, CANNOT happen in a civilized society without consequences.

A society run by civilized men would have tackled this scandal through unfettered investigations, by the police. A depoliticized police force would have seized the state-issued computers of the main culprit, I.B. Kargbo. The seized computers would have helped the police dig into I B Kargbo’s electronic communications, so that the FULL nature of this criminal scheme, and ALL those behind it, could be exposed. After exposing the WHOLE plot, an independent police force, in a civilized society, would have either freed some suspects, or charge every accused, based on his level of alleged criminality.

All the elements in the “Lebanese Trash for Cash” scandal, are either threatening to Sierra Leone’s national security, or plainly RACIST. By using his elevated status at State House, to accept a bribe from hazard-dumping foreigners, I.B. Kargbo committed several offenses, both ethically and legally. I B Kargbo did attempt to endanger the well-being of EVERY Sierra Leonean, a crime comparable to an abortive coup attempt. Heaven knows, had I B Kargbo used his office to participate in an abortive takeover of the State, President Koroma would NOT have spared his life.

It was offensively RACIST of the Lebanese to assume that a BLACK country, thousands of miles away from the Middle East, can serve as receiver of Lebanese excrement. Unfortunately, NOTHING will come out of this outrageous scandal. If we want to grow and live as a PEACEFUL, prosperous and civilized society, we must recognize the importance of the RULE of LAW.

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