Sierra Leone’s Socio-Political Insanity Repeating Itself Again.

By Emmanuel Saquee……

Sierra Leone political climate on my mind,and I’ll add “repeating over and over”. It is time for us (Sierra Leoneans) to wake up from our slumber of poverty,tribalism,regionalism,political sycophancy,and a lot more vices that have made the country lag far behind in modern living standards.With the dust almost settled on who the political parties flag bearers will be for the March 2018 General Election,it is time for everyone to take a deep breath,and think soundly on who to vote for.Don’t hold your nose and vote,because the smell will remain in the air after you vote.

This is a very critical time in the history of our country,where life expectancy is less than 50 years,child mortality is one of the highest in the world,education is in rapid decline,teenage pregnancy is high,corruption is unchecked,inflation is beyond comprehension,and I can go on and on.All these did not happen over night, and it will be delusional to think that by waving some magic wand everything will be “great again”.it is going to take sustained commitment on the part of both the citizenry and leadership to turn things around for the good of all.

Since Independence,56 yrs ago,we have had SLPP and APC dominating the political landscape,with brief periods of military rule. We have had to deal with a civil war, Ebola disease outbreak, and recently Mudslides and massive flooding.The management of all those crises have not been stella in any shape or form.Our people have mostly gone through strife with help from the outside world,and their faith in God.If for 56 yrs the country has been mainly ruled by the SLPP, and APC, and we are not even self sufficient in our staple food,what is the guarantee that either one will suddenly turn things around ? I do have friends and family in both parties, and they have various reasons for supporting them. I respect their decisions, but I don’t think they can come up with any tangible evidence of how the life/circumstances of the ordinary Sierra Leonean,without any political connection,has improved under the rule of these two parties.

Therefore,to continue to support the SLPP & APC is an endorsement of their failed policies and the endless suffering of our people,which is the equivalence of insanity.
I have been following the parallels drawn between Samura Kamara (APC),Maada Bio (SLPP), and Kandeh Yumkella. One common thread identified is that they all served in NPRC with Maada Bio as head of state. Moving on, Samura Kamara has served as Financial Secretary (under SLPP),Finance Minister, and now Foreign Affairs Minister under APC,with a questionable Phd, but is still addressed with the title “Dr.” .Does it surprise anyone that it was the same APC who accused Sam Sumana of having a fake Masters Degree ? In his post NPRC life,Maada Bio moved on (as I’ve read somewhere) to study in the United States, and the UK,and is a Phd candidate, who has been unemployed for most of his adult life.

Also, from late Tejan Kabba’s Memoirs, it is evident that Bio requested some money to be deposited in an offshore account before handing over power in 1996, that he gave most Government procurement contracts to his brother (Steve Bio),and there are accusations that he colluded with Abass Bundu in Passport Gate. Kandeh Yumkella, on his part had already had a factual Doctorate Degree in Agricultural Economics at University of Illinois prior to his stint with the NPRC.He also held academic positions at his Alma Mater and Michigan State University.He went on to become Director General of UNIDO in 2005 after going through the ranks,and held same position until 2013.

With the brief background of the three candidates – Samura Kamara,Maada Bio, and Kandeh Yumkella, it is evident that Samura has been a part and parcel of everything that has gone wrong in Sierra Leone in the past decade or more;it is also clear that Maada cannot pass the credibility test; and Kandeh is guilty by association, but there is not enough evidence to place him in the same corner as the other two.

I have not done this before, but based on what I know so far,and the love we all say we have for our country, I want to use this opportunity to endorse the real Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella for President of Sierra Leone come March,2018. I’ll also encourage all Sierra Leoneans who want to keep their sanity to join me in fostering a new era in the politics of our Country.

God Bless The Land That We Love.