Sierra Leone’s Volatile Democracy: Is That A Democracy?

By Professor Sankara Kamara (Sydney, Australia)…

Happy New Year to the ordinary man in Sierra Leone. May God protect Sierra Leone by destroying the political criminals who continue to produce poverty and inflict pain and suffering, on the PEOPLE. An intelligent political class would have learned a poignant lesson from the country’s civil war and act accordingly, by governing with patriotism and integrity. It has become very clear that the political class in Sierra Leone, did NOT learn any lesson from the country’s decade-long, civil war. The political system is mindlessly hatching all the prewar evils, which stoked the destructive civil war of the 1990s. Some critics of the government have either been bribed, or jailed. A newspaper journalist who briefly discussed the state-sponsored violence in Kono District, was arrested and briefly detained. Diasporan Sierra Leoneans critical of the government, risk arrest on trumped-up charges, when they set foot on Sierra Leonean soil. That kind of repression, backed by man-made poverty, were the factors behind the horrific civil war of the 1990s. Alas, those evils are being repeated by a political system that should have known better.

Each time tragedy stalks Sierra Leone, our national impotence comes to the fore, through a pitiful spectacle. There are “suspicious” fires wreaking havoc in Freetown, burning buildings with maddening speed. When they exist, our fire brigades tend to lack vehicles and the tools needed to contain and, subsequently, extinguish fires. Chronically decrepit, our fire service has no option, but stand powerlessly, and watch buildings turn into ashes. If Freetown, the capital, cannot maintain an efficient fire service, one can only imagine the tragedy that would occur when fires rage in provincial cities like Makeni, Magburaka, Bo, Kenema or Koidu Town, in Kono District. That, of course, is the same country with a president that flies with dozens of parasites and praise-singers to international conferences, all of whom must be paid in United States dollars and feted in Western, five-star hotels.

If you comfortably sit in a developed country in the West, where politicians are accountable to their PEOPLE, and support the naked criminality in Sierra Leone, you are a scumbag, a conniving hypocrite. If Canada, America, Australia or Britain, were ruled by the kind of idiots and criminals who have prevailed in Sierra Leone, your life in the West, would be horribly primitive. Let us STOP pretending: that FAKE democracy which employs sycophants and bribes or imprisons opponents, is intentionally preparing Sierra Leone for another mayhem. May God protect Sierra Leone, by destroying the hypocrites, praise-singers and political criminals who wantonly inflict pain and suffering, on the COMMON MAN.