SLEWRC Reports Based On SLSB Info.’ – DG Tamba Kellie Says.

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The Director General of the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (SLEWRC), Tamba Kellie, said that the Commission’s reports on water companies that are unsatisfactory and those that are satisfactory are based on information received from the Standards Bureau.

Speaking at a follow-up working group meeting on packaged water industry at SLEWRC’s Berwick Street office, the DG explained that the press release that the commission gave out to local newspapers to disseminate was based on the information obtained from the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau (SLSB).

He explained that one of the companies that fell under the unsatisfactory category -Evsumo Ice Water Company felt dissatisfied because the Health Ministry and Standard Bureau had certified them ‘satisfactory’ and yet were listed ‘unsatisfactory’ by the commission.

He explained that the said water company initially fell under the unsatisfactory category, adding that when the Bureau sent the second list of those that have met satisfactory standards to the commission Evsumo was not on the list hence it was logical to assume that the company again failed to meet the required minimum standards set by the Bureau, that was why the company’s name was not on the satisfactory list.

However, the DG pointed out that if Evsumo could come up with all the necessary documentation to show that they’ve met the satisfactory standards prompt clarification would be made.

Another burning issue that was discussed was the process flow for registration of bottled and sachet water entities. According to the commission’s status update on registered water companies so far, 14 water companies have registered with the commission. Interestingly, however, the health ministry did not verify these registered water companies, while those verified by the health ministry are not registered with the commission.

However, to address this registration and verification jumble, the working group has decided that a tripartite approach would be used in the registration and verification process of water companies before licenses’ are issued. “The health ministry will first verify prospective water companies, they would then be certified by the Standards Bureau before coming for registration at the commission,” he noted.