By TambaYama Lebbie….

Koidu City is currently in a state of panic as sporadic gunshots are being fired as I write . Shops and commerce remained closed.

The incident follows in the heels of the police trying to enforce quarantine on Adamou’s mom who has fallen ill, supposedly with Ebola. This man has refused to let the authorities take her mother away from the house. He has confronted the authorities. Police are currently patrolling Koidu City.

Adamu is the APC youth Chairman and a staunch supporter of the VP.

Mr Raymond Kaimachiande has strongly advised on Facebook that the Police must enforce the current state of emergency without discrimination. “He could be killed under those extraordinary circumstances with less burden of responsibility.”, he concluded

All efforts in contacting the VPs office in Freetown for further details remain fruitless. VOB is closely Monitoring the Situation.