Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana Dressed In Borrowed Political-Robes.

By Abdul Karim Kamanda (Tatao)…
The political recognition of the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Mr. Opel Sam Sumana, has reached a dead end after President Koroma dressed him up in one of his exquisite robes, on loan.
The idea behind dandy-boy Opel’s appointment is calculated to help President Koroma realize his ambitious dreams as he manuevers to keep himself at the helm of national political affairs until he dies. Opel’s actual designated role is to help campaign for APC and lock horns with his brother the elected Vice President, Chief Sam Sumana who is vying for the presidency of Sierra Leone.
President Koroma had a frosty relationship with the elected VP over the extension of his term in office. The President wanted a third term in contravention of the two-terms constitutionally defined for a sitting President.
The President then unlawfully sacked on March 15, 2015, the people’s elected VP from office to make way for his illegal third term dream. This was followed by the indiscriminate sackings of a few other public officers (some elected representatives) close to the VP.
Having faced a barrage of condemnation from within the APC and from the public; and more recently ECOWAS Court ruling, the president begins to get it that his carefully laid plots were a huge mistake. He is frustrated!
In the last several years the President has employed many traitors to fight and blackmail the VP. Some of them realised on time the unjustified hatred and pledged their loyalty to the elected VP.
*The appointment of the elected VP’s “elder brother” Mr. Opel Sumana to a deputy portfolio in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs is one of those Koroma tactics to mislead the public into believing that he is loved.*
Mr. Opel Sumana is a very humble man and a diehard APC supporter no doubt about that. But, his love for the party diminished a little after the developments leading to the sacking of his “brother”.
According to reliable source, he was tricked by the President and First Lady Sia Nyama Koroma into accepting the position of Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs. They first sent him an invite to their daughter’s wedding, bought his round trip ticket to facilitate his participation, pay his hotel bills for a whole week, and give him a fat envelope (amount undisclosed) as his per diem.
After that the first couple showed him so much respect and care, the President now went ahead and appointed Mr. Opel Sumana to the position of Deputy Minister. This new show of love, even though is very suspicious, leaves Mr. Opel Sumana speechless. How can he say No? He is aware that he is being set up against is “brother” the elected VP and aspirirant for the newly registered political party, Coalition for Change (C4C).
Mr. Opel Sumana’s acceptance of the positon has met a stream of criticisms from members of the public, calling on him to decline it, as the President’s intension is very clear – his usual use and dump tactics.
Many say the appointment of Mr. Opel is long overdue; asking why the President left it so late in his tenure. Among the million dollar questions asked about the appointment is, why now, barely three months to elections? Does the President think Mr. Opel Sumana is a fool that he can use him in three months and,keep him at the mercy of his brother, who is surely going to be the next President?
Throughout Sierra Leone, in London and elsewhere, among family members, the opinion about the appointment is the same that Mr. Sumana loves his brother and that he is not happy about the way the President ejected him out of his elected position.
People are citing Dr. David Tam Bayoh and others who President Koroma made unrealistic promises to and failed to fulfil his promises.
It is not known whether Mr. Sumana will heed to the warnings; but the signs are that he will not allow the President to use him against his “brother” who is set to be the next president come March 2018.
As the public and family members continue to put pressure on Mr. Sumana to resign and join his “younger brother”, he admits that he made an error of judgement to accept the position in the first place. He told a close friend of his, how filthy his office is and that he cannot work in a dirty office infected with rats and bugs.
The President is said to have offered $25, 000.00 for the refurbishment of the office. Why has he not done the same for other offices? Does he think Opel lacks common sense?
In conclusion, what is certain is that Mr. Opel Sumana will not be used as a campaign weapon or tool. He is said to be arguing that President Koroma should have a campaign team and his position as Deputy Minister does not make him a campaign agent.

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