The Gambia’s Adama Barrow Responds To Yahya Jammeh’s Power-Hunger.

Fellow citizens and friends of The Gambia, I wish to take this opportunity as president elect to alay your fears and concerns.

On the 1st day of December, The Gambia held presidential elections. On the 2nd day of December the results were declared according to Law. The incumbent candidate of the Gambia Democratic Congress called me to congratulate me for my victory, the out going President told me in a simple and clear language that the results were verdict of the people and God.

The gesture was applauded at home and abroad. The Gambia earned a respectable place in the international community, everybody applauded the action of the outgoing president. This earned the outgoing president and my humble self as incoming president, a place in The Gambia and world history.

Yesterday the outgoing president issued a statement on the national media to reject the results of the election, declared it as invalid and promised to hold a fresh election.

I wish to inform you that the outgoing president has no constitutional authority to reject the result of the election and order for fresh elections to be held. The IEC is the only competent authority to announce the results of the elections and declare a winner. It was already done and I am now the President elect!

President Jammeh is the outgoing president and he is to hand over executive powers to me when his term expires in January.

I wish to call on all Gambians to go about their business. We have impressed the world for delivering a free and fair and credible election. I am advising supporters of the coalition to celebrate the victory with discipline and maturity and prepare themselves for inauguration in January after the end of term of the outgoing president.

In the interim I open up a channel of communication to try to convince him to facilitate a smooth transfer of executive power in the supreme interest of this country!

I told him in our telephone conversation that we were both born in 1965. We are the children of the independence, it will be an honour to have a smooth transfer of executive power for the 1st time in the history done by two citizens who were born in the year Gambia became independent.

I would want him to join me as The President of The 2nd Republic along with ex president Jawara, the president of the 1st Republic in January to commemorate the birth of the 3rd Republic when i assume office.

Let him know that leaders come and go sooner or later, I must also go. This is a fact that all of us must accept that all times and act in the supreme interest of The Gambia. I urge him to change his current position and ACCEPT the verdict of The Gambian people in good faith for the sake of The Gambia, our homeland, whose people deserve peace and freedom and prosperity”.

Thank you.