The KONO Conference-2016 Report Released & Published.


THEME: Paving the way for better prospects: Understanding the past, Marking the challenges, and Setting our future.

VENUE: School of Oriental and African Studies (SAAS), University of London, Vernon Square, London WC1X 9EL.

The 1st Kono Conference held in London was a two-day programme organised by the Kono District Development Association (KDDA) UK under the Chairmanship of Dr. Kai Ngegba, in partnership with other Kono District Diaspora organisations. The aim of the conference was to provide a conducive environment for all stakeholders to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities facing Kono District and Sierra Leone at large. The objectives were;

1. Highlighting issues of concern to Kono District in Sierra Leone.
2. Developing strategies and action plan to address issues.
3. Discuss and finalise developmental projects and feasible proposals.
4. To agree on measures that will facilitate and promote a business-friendly environment in Kono District.
5. Promote progress and development in Sierra Leone.

The Chairman of the 1st Kono conference was Mr. Saa David Dingiswayo Nyandemo. The initial planning arrangements were either discussed at KDDA UK meetings or via international teleconference meetings. The following committees were formed to assist the Chairman in ensuring a successful outcome;

Budgeting Team: Dr. Kai Ngegba, Mrs. Mariama Mafinda, Mr. Dingiswayo Nyandemo, and Mr. Aiah Bondowa Tondoneh.

Project Committee: Mr. Sahr M’Gbenbo Kondeh, Mr. Aiah Bondowa Tondoneh, Mr. Tamba Opas Jimmy-Kay, Mr. Sahr Fasuluku, and Mr. Sahr Adimoinjae Mafinda.

Content and Project Management Committee: Dr. Joseph D. Mondeh, Dr. Sahr M’Gbenbo Kondeh, Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu, Mr. Saa David Dingiswayo Nyandemo, and Mr. Aiah Fanday.

Get the full PDF Report: The-1st-Kono-Conference-2016-Report