The London Conference:- A “Faulty Engine” And A Missing President.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…

Under normal circumstances, Sierra Leoneans could be forgiven for being anti-British. It was, after all, the now-defunct British Empire which colonized and kept Sierra Leone as a colonial possession, for almost 150 years. With such a history, a Sierra Leonean could be forgiven for being anti-British. Unfortunately, Sierra Leone has inflicted so much misery on herself that the British are being appreciated for coming to our aid, yet again. Thank you, Britain, for the just-held conference in London, which focused on the need to help Sierra Leone.

Colonialism and slavery can explain why some nations are underdeveloped. In the specific case of Sierra Leone, British colonial rule can NEVER be used to explain the anomaly, that five decades after independence, we have NOT been able to provide clean, drinking water, for our own use. Colonial rule is NOT responsible for that ignominious aspect of our existence. We are responsible for our failed nationhood. After Ebola, we would desperately NEED to find a solution by, first and foremost, posing and answering this question: Why do we frequently lavish praises on our rulers, dance for them in the streets, and even mystify our presidents with fake titles like “Dr.” and “His Excellency?” In short, let us begin the search for SOLUTIONS, by accepting the fact that in civilized societies, leaders are seen as SERVANTS, rather than demigods. In civilized and law-abiding societies, CITIZENS do NOT refer to national leaders as “His Excellency,” or “Dr…..” If we develop a national mindset that opposes sycophantism, the journey towards a solution, will begin in earnest.

By the way, do Sierra Leoneans accept the lame excuse that Ernest Koroma’s absence from the Ebola conference in London, was due to a faulty engine in the plane that was supposed to pick-up the president? . Wake up, Sierra Leoneans. Given the desperate situation in which we find ourselves, don’t we expect a better excuse, from the president? The London conference was VERY important. It was convened to find ways of pumping life into a terminally sick patient, called “Ebola-infected Sierra Leone.” Why did the president absent himself from that acutely important conference? We needed the heaviest political weights, in London, to make a cogent case for the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone. Ernest Koroma is known for flying all over the world, usually with a retinue of hangers-on and dozens of parasites, all of whom are paid, for doing NOTHING.

The Ebola-initiated conference in London, was so important that the president should have ditched the “faulty” plane by buying a ticket and flying on board a commercial airliner. A committed national servant, filled with love of, and compassion for, the people, would have done everything in his executive power, to attend the conference. Using the magnetism of the presidency, Ernest Koroma could have made an irrefutable case in London, where his dying nation needed him, at that particular time. Shockingly enough, he didn’t! Let us wake up, fellow Sierra Leoneans. The much-publicized excuse, spuriously known as the “faulty engine” excuse, should NEVER be accepted as Ernest Koroma’s excuse for failing to represent his PEOPLE, at the Ebola-initiated conference in London. Meanwhile, I remain wholeheartedly thankful to Number 10 Downing Street, in London, for the publicity and emergency assistance, being sent to Sierra Leone. A mineral-rich country that was supposed to take care of itself, has become insolvent, sick and dying. Had our president being a SERVANT, he would have hurriedly flown on board a commercial airliner to London, where the PEOPLE needed their elected executive, to represent them. Unfortunately, the Sierra Leonean mentality told Ernest Koroma, long ago, that he is NOT a people’s SERVANT. He is the “World’s Best,” otherwise known as “His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Koroma.” Why worry, your excellency?