The Ominous Future of Sierra Leone.

A Patriot’s Lamentation……

When I declared my candidacy for Kambia Central on April 1st, 2017 the responses I got from some of my educated and enlightened brothers and sisters reveals, unequivocally, that the majority of Sierra Leoneans are slaves to the status quo!!! It has revealed that our country will not transform for a long time! That most Sierra Leoneans clearly and unconsciously embrace a culture of corruption and despotism!

I have been APC longer than most senior APC operatives today. Many of them are members of NAC, not by merit but by the power of one man who has been given the power to appoint people to NAC, without regard to the basic rules of longevity and loyalty to the party. This one man is not only “supreme” when it comes to the running of our country, he is now also “supreme” when it comes to running the APC party!!!

I have heard people say: “bo na d pa get hin party, make ee do watin ee want!” When did he establish ownership of the APC?  Prior to the year  2000 he was a member of the PDP! I have never seen such sycophancy in my life! So many abled people mortgaging their lives and failing to speak when a single individual decides to take them all for granted.

Well you know what, even if it means that I will be considered the lone voice in the APC to speak up against the tyranny of the party, I will prefer such status as against towing the line of celebrated sycophants.

Politics for some of us, is not an enterprise to seek wealth. It’s is not an enterprise to perpetuate lies and deception! It is not an enterprise to mismanage the wealth of the nation and in the process render our country poor year in year out.

When I decided to become APC in the 90s in the US, I did so envisioning an APC that will inevitably come back to power! An APC that will redeem itself after coming back to power. That redemption I had dreamed and hoped will herald an era of transparency, accountability, self determination, an independent judiciary, an independent police, highly professional military, a true and genuine commitment to attitudinal change from the presidency to all ministers and civil servants, a high sense of patriotism, the end of poverty and hunger, affordable and improved health delivery systems, improved and affordable education.

We have been in power for close to 10 years. All we can show for this is lots of infrastructural development and little to show for the other indices of development.

Our people are poorer than in 2007. They are more ignorant than in 2007. They are more suppressed than in 2007. They are less patriotic than in 2007. They are more exploited than in 2007. More have died since 2007. More have been killed since 2007. *And my brothers and sisters are telling me, I cannot do well as a politician if I don’t keep quiet or embrace the status quo? If I don’t sing praises of a man who is central to all this mess and who by all indications and the power of God will be out of that supreme office by mid 2018?* May Almighty God help our country.

But hey, may be it’s still April fools day and what my compatriots said to me in the form of sincere and genuine advise could still be viewed in the context of April fools day.

Many thanks to those who called me and believed in my kind of politics.

April fools day is now over. So I withdraw my candidacy but will consider heading to Freetown to register.

God help Sierra Leone.