This Offends Me More Than Donald Trump’s Shit.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…

Let me tell you what offends me ten times more than Donald Trump’s “shithole” insult. The rape, enslavement and murder of Africans in the Arab world—from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to Libya—is an insult that infuriates me more than Donald Trump’s “shithole” comment. African governments saw the torture videos and heard frantic messages from ENSLAVED Africans in the Arab world. Somewhat shockingly, BLACK leaders did NOTHING. If you publicly enslave, rape and kill any other people, their governments will aggressively respond to such acts of bestial cruelty. The rape, murder and ENSLAVEMENT of Africans by Arabs, with impunity, will ALWAYS offend me ten times more than Donald Trump’s racist outbursts. Trump is a white supremacist. He will ALWAYS insult and denigrate us, even if Africa were technologically advanced.

The APC’s willful destruction of Sierra Leone, which has reduced millions of Sierra Leoneans to dwellers in primitive poverty, offends me MILLIONS of times more than Donald Trump’s “shithole” insult. Sierra Leoneans who live comfortably in the Diaspora while supporting a horrendously criminal regime in Freetown, offend me more than Donald Trump’s “shithole” comment.

On the whole, the ABSENCE of black self-love, which induces some Arab-worshiping Africans to IGNORE or DEFEND the enslavement of BLACK people in the Arab world, should outrage and ignite more anger in us, than Trump’s “shithole” comment. Last but not least, the APC’s rape of Sierra Leone through looting and other forms of unpatriotic politics, should certainly OFFEND us more than Donald Trump’s “shithole” insult. Let us get our priorities right. We should, of course, be angry at that racist idiot, Danald Trump. Analytically, however, we need to direct most of our angry energies at hypocritical and Diasporan-based Sierra Leoneans, who live relatively luxuriously in the West, while supporting the APC’s destruction of our country.

Needless to say, the criminal APC has robbed and sentenced MILLIONS of Sierra Leoneans to dehumanizing strains of poverty. Diasporan-based collaborators, most of whom are either tribal loyalists or inveterate opportunists, can be more dangerous to our people’s welfare in Sierra Leone, than Donald Trump’s mental backwardness. These issues continue to offend me more than Donald Trump’s insult. Each one, teach one.