Time To Bury The GOVERNMENT?

By Abdulai Braima.

Over the many sweltering years, we have had it all! Oh yes, we have!!

The bludgeoning exploitation from a colonial and post-colonial “World Order” that stores no respect for “the weak” and “the deprived”, was solidly built upon a Slave-Master economy that has given rise to a trousers-dropping poverty which is now metamorphosing into a literal laboratory outfit. It is quite evident that in all things, dark and dreadful, we have become some dodgy breeding ground for slavish systems and dreadful diseases that leave us baffled beyond our wits and battered to the bones.

Suddenly, our ageless delicacies have become poisoned meatballs. The respected practices that bind us together and make us human have become anathema to our very existence. We are not even allowed to congregate in the solemn places where we use to raise our hands to the one above who hears the cry of the confused.

Overnight, we seem to have lost everything that gives us purpose and meaning! Our food, our culture, even our sense of self is firmly clamped-up in the vice. Our confidence is draining fast, and even Hope is under attack here. We are a lost lot! Or so, at least, it seems.

And this hell of a heaven has been ‘religiously’ sanctified into an endearing “Democratic edifice” principally engineered by a nation-raping foreign-mentored cabal that cares so much for their country, they would happily wipe their dirty bottoms with the national flags they fly. This is the corruption-infested necktie-swinging group of coated “bookmen” and “not-so-bookmen” licking their lying lips over the punctured skulls of their own countrymen. Dispensable men, and women, who VOTE to keep the lie afloat for the despicable men, and women, to keep flying higher!

As you read these lines, our poor sick nation is firmly caught up and slowly withering in a biting pincer movement consciously driven by an international community that has a limited COMMUNITY in its “international” definition, and a very clueless government that doesn’t know what to do, right, even when it is given what it says it needs!

And the so-called international community, taking its tragic lines from the horror script of our own very reckless government, has seemingly given us up in a half-hearted attempt at dishing out a shadow of the things we need to combat this “world-threat disaster”.

But really,I have to agree with the many who insist that we should be doing much more for ourselves, at this stage (and at every stage) than we are pretending to be doing.

But how many would want to sail on the belief that a government teeming with thieves would do anything but steal?

So some of us have long learnt to lower our expectations and toss aside the “dreams” that are so colorfully plastered on their sleek election manifestos.

All we are asking of them, for now, is that if we can’t be allowed to live in dignity, at least we must be left to die and be buried with some sanctity. Certainly,when “Burial Teams” are left to go on strike, as a result of non-payment of monies due to them, then it is time for us to bury the government that claims to be in charge!

For playing ‘economics’ with the dead, is the very dead end! Men must not fall so low!!!