Titus Boye-Thompson’s Boot-licking Gospel.

By Aiah Sodengbeh…..
Political language as witnessed from Titus Boye- Thompson, in his intermittent expose over the years, are designed to make lies sound truthful and give appeasement and unflinching support to the powers that be. He is noted for such tactical manoeuvres frequently being the VUVUZELA for President Bye Bye Koroma, recently for the Inspector General of Police, and worst of all Mr. Victor Foh (notorious for the vouchergate scandal of the early 80s). “Boh you nor get class/limit………you pasmack Titus!!!!” This dangerous electioneering and political snipping is a recipe for total destruction.

But again, he is a pen pusher – people who write for anything as instructed. The ethos of pen pushers are thwarted by their narrow mindedness and desire to satisfy the highest bidder irrespective of the subject at hand. I’m sure if the price is right, he will jump fence to compliment the elected Vice President Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana as early as next week.

It is indeed sad for an educated man like Titus Boye-Thompson to be used and abused in this manner, right before the eyes of Dr. Charles Charlieboy Curtis Thomas. His assiduous and grotesque attempt to ridicule the entire Kono People in his quest to satisfy his sponsors unwittingly exposed his trickery and calumny. He is now forgetting the fact that it is his highly cherished party APC that has dragged the Sierra Leone Jurisprudence in the gutter and thereby tarnishing the reputation of all Sierra Leoneans including himself. The Chief Sam Sumana saga is an APC matter and nothing to do with Kono People. Are all the key players not APC party card holders? He has even forgotten the fact that when his party was on knife edge with virtually nothing, they were bailed from the wilderness by a young wealthy Chief Sam Sumana.

But again, history has thought us to believe that APC is an ungrateful party. We have seen it all with the late S.I. Koroma (RIP), the late Fornah (RIP), the late Songu-Mbriwa (RIP), the late Kaihinde Bangura (RIP) and the list goes on. With this record, I’m not amazed at all with the latest trend. I am also aware of the wise Salone sayings – ten days for tiff man but one day for the owner. I think your party has now reach it’s Waterloo. The humiliation so far is unbearable to any sound mind.

For Titus Boye-Thompson to start his usual praise singing for Mr. Victor Vouchergate Foh, knowing fully well that the integrity of the Office of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, is not commensurate with his track record (considering his criminal past), baffles me.
Titus Boye – Thompson : Absolute ignorance is worst than normal ignorance. The fate of Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana squarely rests on the leadership of your party APC.

Leadership entails having clear understanding of moral realms, legal intricacies, havin
g unique and laudable ethos, and offering direction. It is also underpinned by the bedrock of both rationality and conscience!

The focus of a leader transcends beyond their immediate circles and extends afar to positive effects. These qualities should never be compromised if leadership is to succeed.

Henceforth take your hands off the Kono People and direct your ill-thoughts to the root of your problems. I hope our brother Titus Boye-Thompson will see reasoning and develop the requisite interpersonal skills, rather than being a git, to take on responsibilities and committed service diligently without fear. Our people deserve better!

Sierra Leoneans are eagerly awaiting a pending verdict on the illegality of his selection to the office of VP by the Supreme Court, so it is unwise and comical to even think of selecting his Adviser let alone a Minister of State. That brings me to the question; When will common sense prevail in Sierra Leone???
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