Tony Konomanyi Misses The RUF Facts.

By Finda Diana Koroma….

“Alie Kabba is RUF”, says Tony Konomanyi. Look who is calling names:

Tony Konomanyi ,the son of the former Deputy RUF Leader Mr F.D. Konomanyi , Diana Finda Konomanyi’s father,is the one now accussing Alie Kabbah  and other people as a former  supporters of the rebel fighters of the RUF (Revolutionary United Front).

The people of Kono could remember the 23rd of October 1992, when the RUF rebels entered Koidu City. On that dreadful day, whilst most of the town’s eldeers fled for their lives, FD Konomany, who was suspected of having a regular contact with  the RUF leader Corporal Foday Sankoh , stayed in town to welcome the RUF leader in his house. Foday Sankoh  did thank Mr FD Konomanyi for his loyalty and endless years of support for the rebel movement. In return, Mr Konomanyi thanked  and praised Foday Sankoh and his RUF  fighters for liberating Kono from the Kamajors and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

In his capacity as RUF strongman in Kono District,Uncle FD Konomanyi , as he is commonly known, did organise clandestine meetings with Mr Charles Taylor, the former Liberian Rebel leader who is currently serving prison sentences in The Hague. He even paraded with the blood-thirsthy RUF ebels in Koidu Town and had a good number of them as his private bodyguards.

When RUF finally took over the district, FD Konomanyi was the one who took Foday Sankoh around the district to show him lucrative areas where diamonds are concentrated. and extracted. Foday Sankoh then appointed FD Konomanyi to be in charge of all the RUF diamond mines. A great number of Konos and Sierra Leoneans did experience the worst abuses under the authorities of the RUF and FD Konomanyi. Children as young as 8  were forced by RUF rebels under the directives of uncle FD Konomanyi to work in the diamond fields in very diffulicult circumstances without  education, food, without pay and the like.

Many captive miners who got tired or refused to work were  being brutally murdered by the RUF rebels under uncle FD Konomanyi ‘s eyes and commands.

It was also well known that some of the RUF diamond dealers  who travelled  to Europe with blood diamonds met and usually stayed with Tony Konomanyi and his brothers in London. Tony and his brothers frequently accompanied those RUF blood diamond dealers to Antwerp in Belgium ,under the directives of their father FD Konomanyi who was in charge of all RUF diamond operations in Kono district during the civil war in Sierra Leone.

The Konomanyi family, with Tony Konomanyi  not excluded. did play a key role in the RUF operations  in Kono district and had a good control of the RUF blood diamond cartel.

It is just too sad seeing and hearing from Tony accusing and pointing fingers at other people like Mr Alie Kabba for aiding and supporting the murderous RUF rebels.