UK Sierra Leonean Diaspora Ebola Task Force

By Sahr O Fasuluku (UK)…

The UK Sierra Leonean Diaspora Ebola Task Force, along with Engayde and other Sierra Leonean organisations are planning an action-oriented Meeting of Diaspora Organisations for 29th November 2014 in London (details to be announced) to agree the Diaspora’s strategic response to ebola, coordinate our actions ensuring no region or neighbourhood gets neglected, and provide each other with assistance delivering individual prevention and aid efforts, among other things.

The UK Diaspora Task Force URGENTLY need the following to ensure every region is included in this initiative; CONTACT DETAILS (name, position, organisation, email and telephone) for:
1. Sierra Leonean Diaspora organisations in the UK and EU
2. Regional and neighbourhood Ebola Task Forces and local CBO’s, from all districts and chiefdoms, and their representatives or partner organisations in the UK and EU who can speak for them.

To be included in this initiative please inbox with contact details of any organisations you know, or send to UKSLDETK, or to Engayde on their website at or on their Facebook Group | Concerned Sierra Leoneans taking Action EngAyde is a group of concerned Sierra Leoneans, dedicated to developing a reliable and trustworthy one-stop-shop online platform that is focused on connecting, catalysing, and influencing decisions and actions to help bring a swift end to the Ebola crisis and its long term effect on Sierra Leone. In relation to influencing, we also consider ourselves to be an advisory/advocacy group that applies pressure where necessary

 The name ‘EngAyde’ is derived from a well-known Krio saying which means ‘let’s put our heads together’. This group’s aim is to do just that by working in conjunction with affiliate partners to help find practical solutions to end this brutal crisis that is threatening to tear up the economic and social fabric of Sierra Leone.