VP Sam-Sumana Arrives Safely In Ghana.

By Pormasu Takorfai (Images by Aiah Ambrose Barbah‎)…..

At the Immigration check-out office at the Freetown International Airport in Lungi, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, reliable sources indicated that the former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Alhadji Samuel Sam-Sumana  was being prevented from travelling out of the country.

The Immigration Office is said to have refused to stamp his emergency travelling certificate, since he arrived at the airport some two hours before checking in for departure to Accra, Ghana.

After several diplomatic mediation, from several foreign bodies within and without the country, in collaboration with the APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma, VP Sam-Sumana was given the green light to leave the country for Ghana his current place of residence

With the aid of some international pressure against the despotic and unconstitutional leadership of Ernest Bai koroma and his bunch of diabolic praise-singers cum ministers, His Excellency , the elected VP Alhadji Abubakarr Sidique Samuel Sam-Sumana and his entourage finally made it safely to Accra in Ghana where he was accorded the usual diplomatic and VIP reception.

Back home in Koidu Town where Karamoh Kabba, the Resident Minister East who is also a very dangerous gangster in President Ernest Koroma’s APC government, people are still recovering from the violent trauma and mayhem brought upon them by the said rude and diabolic Resident Minister.

It was recently documented that Karamoh Kabba, with the aid of some prominent Kono politicians backed by the Head of State, Ernest Bai Koroma, brought in trucks of armed OSD and Policemen and tore off posters of the elected Vice President. That was seen as a provocative method orchestrated to get Sam-Sumana and his supporters involved in another conflict, in a bid to trap, arrest or assassinate or even imprison the traumatised VP.

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