VP Sam-Sumana’s Christmas Message

 His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana and Her Excellency Mrs Khadija Sam Sumana recognised the difficulties faced by Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone because of this terrible OUTBREAK of EBOLA. Sierra Leone is defined by its people and not its economic hardship.

From Khadija and I, we offer our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all the people of Sierra Leone, Friends and to the members of the Sierra Leonean family wherever they may be.

Christmas as we all know, provides an opportunity for us all to pause, reflect, and celebrate the things that we rightly cherish. It is a time when we, as citizens, as families, and as communities turn our minds to what is really important, family, friendship, neighbourliness and homecoming. At Christmas we have an opportunity to renew our appreciation of these gifts, gifts which we hope will sustain us through the coming year.

At this time especially, those of us who are fortunate enough to have a joyous Christmas should be mindful of the need to reach out to others who have lost loved ones, illness or financial circumstances are going through a difficult time.

We should be mindful too of those who maintain essential services during this dificult times. We want to thank every Sierra Leonean, friends of Sierra leone, local and international partners for their efforts and out standing work to help fight against Ebola. Our thougths and prayers are with those who lost their loved ones.

A public health challenge like this isn’t just a job for the government. All of us, have a responsibility and a role to play. I urged governments, international organisations, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, politicians and ordinary people on the street or in any corner of the world, that all have a stake in the battle against Ebola.

As our economy has contracted in recent times, many people are feeling the consequences, in terms of employment or income. However, our economic condition does not, on its own, define who we are. Our young people have a very positive vision for the future of Sierra Leone, and are determined to make their contribution to positive change.

We also have the resource of our scattered people around the world, who support each other, and who value their connection with their homeland.

There is much to be proud of, and much to build on, as we prepare for the Christmass and New Year and look forward with hope and courage to realising all the possibilities that it presents.

May I and my Wife wish all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, and those who live and work with them, a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a New Year full of promise, health and fulfilment.

“We All Do Better When We Work Together” God bless Sierra Leone.

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