VP Sam-Sumana’s Independence Message.


Message from the elected Vice President of Sierra Leone

My dear fellow Sierra Leoneans, I address you today as we celebrate our 55th independence anniversary with gratitude to Almighty Allah and full appreciation of the resilience, patriotism, and commitment of the Sierra leonean people.

Beloved countrymen and women, on this day, fifty-five years ago, our founding fathers brought joy and hope to the hearts of our people when they won independence for our great nation.

In truth, Sierra Leone is still a work in progress and we are challenged every day to keep building in spite of the various obstacles that we face. Our strength has been in our diversity. If we look back over the years, we can say confidently that there is every reason to celebrate.

Our nation is made great by the big and small efforts of regular citizens. These are the teachers and men and women in academics who inculcate the knowledge and wisdom that transform into tomorrow’s wealth; the traders and market women who tend to our everyday needs; the farmers whose labour feeds the nation; the artisans whose work ensures that our homesteads are well maintained; the doctors, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, bankers, engineers, and other professionals who add value to our lives; the sportsmen and women and those in the creative industry who bring honour and fame to our nation; and the men and women of our armed forces and security services who toil day and night so that you and I may live in a safe and secure nation.

It is the individual and collective heroism of these regular folks that has placed our nation on the path of greatness. Politics and politicians sometimes distract the people and create unnecessary tension.

Our independence celebration is about the same people, the people of Sierra Leone: their industry, sense of mission and purpose, and their patience and perseverance as we navigate historical turns in our march towards prosperity and self-sufficiency. Today, I salute the people of Sierra leone.

Sierra Leoneans must be united not only by a common purpose, but also by common values- duty, integrity, honour, love, hope, morality, progress, courage, patriotism, nationalism, industry, service, prudence, fear of Almighty Allah and responsibility. Sierra Leone needs to be served and to be saved not only by words but also nurtured by firm, patriotic, courageous and committed action devoid of self and selfish interests.

It is only in this way that we can give ourselves and the world a new image of Sierra leone and Africa that is sorely needed. We must all be mindful, as we move along the curve of history into the twilight of our lives, what the future would say and write about us in truth. We must aim to be regarded as part of a “service and builder generation” that made significant contribution to a new and great Sierra leone.

We will continue to encourage our people to be more productive and industrious and we shall continue to create the appropriate enabling environment for the fulfilment of their aspirations. But such dispositions to ensure the nurturing of development and the sustenance of democracy must and should not be confused with, or taken for weakness.

Our resolve to fight corruption, waste, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and unpatriotic attitudes remain undiluted. Let no one test our resolve to defend the territorial integrity, security, credibility and unity of Sierra leone. No price is too great to be paid for peace and national unity. We shall continue to work hard to contain the enemies of democracy, agents of instability, and associates of undemocratic conducts.

Sierra leone is growing and moving forward. We shall, together, repair the image of Sierra leone and make our dear country great again. I wish us all very happy independence celebrations.

May the Almighty Allah continue to bless Sierra Leone, Thank you.

I wish you all a very happy 55th Independence Celebration.


Signed : Elected VP of Sierra Leone.

Alhadji Samuel Sam-Sumana