VP’s Sister, APC Youth Chairman and Others Arrested In Kono

By Henry Tamba Komba-Kpakoi….

The APC Youth chairman of Kono District, Mr.Mohammed Bandagbara and Mr Emmanuel Moripeh the elder brother to Aiah David Moripeh, the SLBC presenter and reporter, have been arrested by the LUC of Tankoro Police Division.

When the “remote-controlled” LUC was approached by senior citizens of the district demanding to know the reason(s) for their detention, the LUC maintained that he was operating under instructions of the powers that be.

Reliable police sources confirmed that the arrest of the 35 people was ordered by His Excellency, President Ernest Bai Koroma. Their arrest warrants were signed by the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice under the instructions of President Koroma. Their names were submitted by the deputy minister of MPPA.

This said 35 people arrested are strong and powerful APC youth leaders who pledge alliance to the leadership of VP Sam-Sumana, irrespective the economic marginalization they have been suffering since the APC came into power in 2007 and their strong attitude for not dancing to the tune of EBK. Is President Ernest Koroma really behind the political storm in Kono district?

The long-standing dispute between Hon. Mrs Diana Konomanyi-Kabba and Vice President Alhadji Sam-Sumana in Konoland is believed to have been orchestrated by a bunch of sell-outs backed by EBK. Some unconfirmed sources pointed out that Diana Konomanyi-Kabba is being used by His Excellency in her continuous dispute with the VP. Is that a new form of conspiracy aimed at keeping her in EBK`s government as a would-be running mate for the forthcoming Presidential elections? The VP’s presidential ambitions could have been major obstacles to the said conspiracy.

If such allegations prove to be right, then we should take into it that the VP is being stripped of his constitutional rights by his boss, humiliated and made unpopular even among his kinsmen. For the past six years, the President has disallowed his VP to represent Sierra Leone on many international conferences. He has not even been allowed to make official trips abroad.

Has EBK intentionally delayed all development projects, ranging from road networks (highway and the township), electricity, construction of the Eastern Polytechnic Kono Campus to many more projects in Kono District, with the aim of making his VP useless and careless? The irony of this is that the people of Sierra Leone know what is going on but have been keeping quiet for such a long time.

As we go to press, the VP’s sister Sia Sam Sumana ( Mrs Sia Baratay ) has also been arrested in Koidu City. Sia Sam-Sumana was arrested naked. The police didn’t allow her to dress up when she was surprised in her bathroom- Her husband had to take her clothes to the Tankoro Police Station. Nine people (3 women and 6 men ) are currently being arrested and detained at the Tankoro Police Station.

Mr Tamba Fanday, a broadcaster at Citizens Radio in Kono District, is currently on the run. The police are looking for him. He is wanted for his role in broadcasting the news on the arrest of the Kono Youths on the Monologue Radio.

The 35 arrestees have been released on bail in Freetown, following a strong intervention from the Monologue Radio Program on Saturday, October 25.