Where Is Kandeh Yumkella, As Democracy Burns?

By Prof Sankara Kamara

Kandeh Yumkella is a prospective presidential candidate. The country he intends to lead, Sierra Leone, is slowly sinking into a dictatorial abyss. In the midst of the ongoing chaos, Kandeh Yumkella can show some presidential abilities through his utterances, ACTIONS, and the kind of relationship he establishes with the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone.

Democracy is under assault in Sierra Leone. Somewhat shockingly, Kandeh Yumkella is nowhere to be seen, or heard. What does Yumkella think about President Koroma’s dangerous escapades? What message does Yumkella have for the people of Sierra Leone? What is Yumkella’s proffered SOLUTION to Ernest Koroma’s demolition of peace in Sierra Leone? As stated in my published article couple of months ago, I want to support Yumkella’s presidential bid.

However, I am NOT a shallow-thinking Sierra Leonean. I CANNOT support a presidential candidate who, politically speaking, does NOT know his left hand, from his right. I cannot replace one Ernest Koroma, with another. In a moment like this, when Sierra Leone is being pushed towards peril, Kandeh Yumkella can seize the moment, by demonstrating his intelligence, skills and presidential acumen.

As a well-known man with a lot of “star power,” Yumkella can COMMUNICATE with Sierra Leoneans through radio or television interviews, town hall meetings, or any ACTIVITY that will make Sierra Leoneans believe that he, Yumkella, has the foresight to LEAD Sierra Leone. Where is Kandeh Yumkella, as Ernest Koroma wriggles towards full-blown dictatorship? Thanks to Facebook, whatever Yumkella says, can go viral, in minutes. I am a prospective Yumkella supporter. For obvious reasons, I cannot forthrightly say that I will support a candidate that doesn’t have the initiative to LEAD. If I were a presidential candidate, I would NOT let this opportunity slip away, without communicating with the PEOPLE I intend to lead.

Democracy has been assaulted in Sierra Leone. There is no middle ground in the ongoing struggle. You are either FOR democracy, or AGAINST it. If Yumkella continues to be silent and inconspicuous, his inaction will give the impression that he, Yumkella, cannot be relied upon to LEAD a problematic country, like Sierra Leone. Democracy is a under a dictatorially calculated assault in Sierra Leone, and I can’t wait to see my probable presidential candidate, Kandeh Yumkella, in action. Yumkella, where are your presidential wits?