Who Is Next, After Pastor Ajisafe’s Apology?

By Or-Man From Bombali…..
Seeing Victor Ajisafe, a man of God painstakingly making a very touching apology that watered the eyes of my wife, (and truth be told brought a little moist to mine as well) I began to draw parallels between his action and that of His Excellency Dr. Ernest Buy-Bye Koroma. We shall come to that.

Like a rider who forgets his helmet, so did the man of God speak on the pulpit, out of turn, apparently forgetting to anoint his tongue before taking the microphone on that fateful day in September.
In as much as he is known as a man of God, don’t forget, that he is human and therefore not perfect.
Yet it took only one week before the nation forced him into making a public apology that a good many Islamic or Christian believers would hopefully appreciate and accept.

Ajisafe showed that he was a man of God indeed. After all, he could have bribed his way out of police custody and sneaked out of the country and when his aggressions passed with time he would have returned quietly as if nothing had happened. There would have been no consequences because our people are a forgiving people and well, also quick to admonish others to “lef am gee God”.

May the Almighty Allah give Pastor Victor Ajisafe protection and courage, and lift him up higher than the height he had attained when he had this great fall down. May God forgive me and all those who lashed out at him…
Now that we have put the Pastor Ajisafe saga behind us, I am a little curious about another apology that is long overdue.

We the people of Sierra Leone elected a Vice President, that was introduced to us by His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Buy-Bye Koroma.
He got stoned on power as addicts do on substance and illegally fired the peaceful people’s elected Vice President. Arrogantly!!

My question is, if we got the man of God to publicly apologize, when are we the people of Sierra Leone going to force a public apology out of President Koroma?
It will not be a bad idea to get it on the Inauguration Day of His Excellency President Chief Alhaji Abubakar Sidique Sahr Sam-Samsumana!!
Maybe at the “Power-Must-Change-Hands” ceremony at the national stadium or at the Inaugural Lunch or Dinner at the State House?

Someone please tell Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to decide when he is going to tender his apology to the people of Sierra Leone for the outright insult and disrespect to us voters who cast our votes for the APC specifically because we believed in Sam Sumana. It is better for him to take a lesson from Pastor Ajisafe and apologize before change-over and to also not forget that truth sets us free so Dr. Ernest Buy-Bye Koroma break loose from bondage. Apologize!!