Who Is Willing To Invest In Sierra Leone?

By Tamba GBORIE…

Foreign investors have disserted Sierra Leone because they are not sure of their security, the protection of their properties, goods and services’ accounts for the massive unemployment among the youths and the entire populace.

The leadership of president Koroma is bloody, ruthless,lawless and ready to bring another war to Sierra Leone. He continues to ignore important security matters of the state and he is focussed on very petty matters like forcing the APC party to accept his cousin, John SESAY,  as the party’s flagbearer. This is a very trivial matter for the party to exercise its democratic rights to choose a competent flagbearer.

He, Ernest Bai Koroma,  is more of a pretender than a leader who refuses to act on matters of public concern. Following the killings of youths and senior public officers; the president takes no action or publicly condemn such killings.

His failure to act says a lot about his leadership in the eyes of Sierra Leoneans and the international community who are no longer willing to invest in the country, until the president leaves office.

The president has not been able to convince the world that he is a man of peace who defends justice, promotes and uphold human rights.

The president of Sierra Leone cotinues to suppress civil society members and at the same time uses the nation’s economy to bribe in exchange for justice. That  is why the institutions no longer function independently.

He created artificial poverty, joblessness and lawlessness which have effectively made Sierra Leoneans to become poor and live in a dependent state.

Unless the president and his cronies give you hand-outs, stipends and tips for a daily survival, there will be no way to survive in the current corrupt and mismanaged system. The guy and his band of corrupt praise-singers are in control of everything and there is nothing apparently positive that works for anyone.

His actions as a leader put off investors who want to invest in Sierra Leone, thus leaving the youths and the nation in dire need for jobs and development.

Sierra Leone is currently being led by a ruthless and lawless political pretender who stands for nothing good for the nation he pretends to serve..

The problems of Sierra Leone continue to multiply; led by a ruthless leader who  can’tt guarantee the security of the nation. All  those who intend to invest are no longer interested to invest in Sierra Leone.

The system is just too corrupt, dangerous and grossly mismanaged by a band of evil people.

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