World Bank Disappointed With Ernest Koroma’s Delegation.


World Bank

It has come to the attention of the President of the World Bank, Member Countries and Delegates in the recent concluded World Bank Conference on Ebola that the President of Sierra Leone brought a delegation to the Headquarters of the World Bank in utter breach of international decorum in the manner in which such foreign delegations comport themselves.

With due respect to the Leadership of Sierra Leone it is not in the interest of Sierra Leone which is coming from a bitter experience of Ebola to display mockery of Protesters by a representative of the delegation. The World bank takes acts of provocation against any person or group as a serious concern more so when it has an obligation to protect everybody and maintain a sense of order in its precinct.

This matter relates to the dancing of Sylvia Blyden in front of Protesters at the World Bank Headquarters. The world Bank viewed such act as utter disregard of security interests of the organisation arising from such unwarranted provocation.Speaking to an observer on this matter it is noted that such portrayal by a member of the President delegation paint a very bad picture about Sierra Leone and that it brings surprise to the international community present at the World Bank who witnessed such behavior.

A country emerging from a sad experience of Ebola Epidemic with a battered economy, poverty, Isolation and having limited resources to fight against the deadly epidemic must approach the international world with seriousness. The President of Sierra Leone bears responsibility in that regard.

This first ever opportunity, since the outbreak of the Ebola disease, should have been an occasion for the President of Sierra Leone to utilize to the fullest but it was clouded by distraction of a member of the Sierra Leone Delegation who brings dancing Spectacle to the World bank Assembly where member states are assembled to find solutions to serious matters like the EBOLA Crisis. It is hope that the Government of Sierra Leone will understand and abide by international protocols and protect the integrity of occasions which they are called upon…