Yahya Jammeh Is An Embarrassment To Africans.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…
A man who brutally rules his people for 22 years, loses an election and plunges his country in a dangerous crisis, just to strengthen a dictatorial grip on power, is NOT a civilized man. Yahya Jammeh is not a civilized man. He is also a SAVAGE. Yahya Jammeh’s behavior sadly reinforces the racist, European belief that Africans CANNOT govern themselves. Regrettably, there are MANY Yahya Jammehs in African politics. Some non-Gambians who support Yahya Jammeh, apparently sing the man’s praises out of ignorance, which disconnects them from the grim realities that marked Jammeh’s 22 years of illegal detentions, abductions, murder and a range of human rights violations, which amounted to widespread atrocities.

I have a question for Jammeh’s non-Gambian supporters: Would you love life in a country where the secret police can torture and kill your relatives with impunity? Greedy, brutal and unenlightened, Yahya Jammeh is a savage. I will NOT be surprised to know that his final hours in power were marked by an egregious robbery that criminally transferred hundreds of millions of dollars into foreign bank accounts, leaving Gambia insolvent. After 22 years of state-sponsored terrorism, Gambians need time for psychological healing.

Freeing illegally detained citizens, finding out, if possible, the exact number of murdered citizens in Jammeh’s jails and the need to reinvigorate the economy, are some of the issues that will confront the incoming coalition government.

Let me greet President Adama Barrow in Fulla. “Me Saalmini Un, Maudor Barrow. Yoh Allah Barrkinneh. Yahya Jammeh koh Hoo-dador. Yoh Allah lanchu mor.”

Yahya Jammeh is an embarrassment to Africans. He is also a SAVAGE. Only a SAVAGE would allow his personal ambition to push a whole nation, into a horrific civil war. May God bless Adama Barrow with the wisdom he needs and integrity he requires, as president.