Zainab Bangura Instead Of Samura Kamara.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…..

Since Ernest Koroma hates democracy so much that he had to stop the APC from democratically electing a standard-bearer, the president could have done Sierra Leone a favor by choosing Zainab Bangura, to lead the party to the polls. I am NOT saying that Zainab Bangura is the best presidential personality within the APC. No, far from it. After all, Zainab has her political frailties and critics, too. However, Zainab Bangura is MORE qualified for the presidency, than Samura Kamara. Judging from her past as presidential candidate, social activist and the administrative experience acquired in various capacities, Zainab has a lot of self-confidence. Conversely, Samura Kamara lacks self-confidence.

Samura Kamara is so mentally dull that the man hardly makes sense, when he speaks. That leads me to the question, “Why did Ernest Koroma appoint such a man as foreign minister?” Eloquence, self-confidence and broad knowledge of global affairs, are some of the traits needed in a foreign minister. In his first major interview since becoming an APC standard-bearer, Samura Kamara clearly struggled to express himself in English, an academic deficiency which compelled him to speak substandard English, tinged with Krio-like phrases.

There is, of course, NOTHING WRONG with having a Sierra Leonean presidential candidate, who has a knack for speaking Krio. As a matter of fact, a Sierra Leonean presidential candidate is expected to fluently speak Krio, so that he or she can easily communicate with an overwhelming majority of Sierra Leoneans.

Samura Kamara’s inability to freely express himself in English caught my attention, for one reason. Samura used to be our foreign minister, a job which required him to internationally PROMOTE Sierra Leone, using a noticeable amount of academic sophistication grounded in a mastery of global affairs and an impressive command of the English language. Every well-meaning foreign minister needs some, or all, of those qualities. It is easy to see why Samura Kamara FAILED, as foreign minister. The man lacks both self-confidence and the required, academic ability to promote Sierra Leone on the international stage.

Zainab Bangura may not be the best presidential candidate within the APC, but that sister is ten times smarter and, indeed, more infused with self-confidence, than the mentally SLOW Samura Kamara. As an outraged Sierra Leonean, I am simply saying that Zainab Bangura would have been preferable to Dan Dogo Samura Kamara, who easily gets angry, when asked to explain an issue.

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